What happens next?

This post – be warned, embarks on a topic that is usually not best discussed in general polite conversation.  Rules of the dinner table, no politics, no religion – that kind of thing.

However, Something came to mind today and I’ve got that nudge to write it out.  Religion.  That little conundrum again.

I’m kinda dreading the question of “religion” when it comes up from my eldest little one.  I’ll tackle the big nuts and bolts of it another day, but this specifically relates to “what happens when we die…”

I happened upon a post by a page I like.  It summed up exactly how I feel about this particular subject.


A friend commented on it – “I hope that’s true”.

Isn’t that the nature of belief? How do we believe?  Do we pick something and say – yes, I choose to believe X, Y or Z?

My Dearest Dear One has a catchphrase – well, it’s not but he says it that often it could be.

“Let your experience guide you”

In such things I have no direct experience.  I aten’t dead.esme_weatherwax_by_marmakko-d9stvse

A fair few people I know have gone on that particular journey.

A few very dear ones have walked a path close to that way.  But they aten’t deat yet either, I’m happy to say.

But for those who have poddled off to the next bit, whatever soul form they inhabited on this realm, I’ve had enough experiences from / with / involving them to know that they are not “gone”.

There is something else.  What it is exactly I don’t know.  And it was this I was pondering whilst driving to Nottingham this morning.   It was akin to realising a “knowing”.  And understanding without knowing where it came from.

When we die, we change.  Energy is still energy.  It can change, like water changes to ice, or changes to steam – but it’s still H20.

‘Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes it water and nobody knows what it is. ‘    D H Lawrence

What if we liken this to this life being “Water”.  And the life we go to afterwards is more like “Air”.  There are parts that are still the same.  There are molecules that are similar.  (In this case oxygen).  Whilst we’re “water” some of us can see bubbles of “air” moving through.  Some of us hear it, some see it, some feel it.  Others know its there without being able to say how they know, just that “I know”.

Thinking about other modalities, light and sound.  They are both waves – both energy.  Light travels one way and can go through things like a vacuum, Sound goes the other way and needs something like air to move through… They’re similar, but very different. And if one was a happy little sound wave, bouncing off a window and rattling around a room, could it understand suddenly becoming a happy little ray of light, suddenly able to shine through that same window that once bounced it back?

If a caterpillar sees a butterfly does it automatically think “That’ll be me one day?”  Or does it see nothing but a shadow as the butterfly flies overhead as it furiously nibbles through  1 apple, 2 pears, 3 plums, 4 strawberries, 5 oranges….?

So if you’re struggling to feel at peace for “what comes next” – how can you know?  Maybe it is a “cop out”, maybe those who have a strong faith in one of the mainstream religions will think I’m verging on being a heretic.

As sure as Night turns to day, and spring follows winter – there is “the next bit” for us too.

How can we possibly comprehend the next form of our journey?

We’re not there yet.



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