The year moves on…

Slowly and surely the year moves onwards.  Well at the moment it feels slow and sure but then when I think about it, October 2010 doesn’t feel like 2 minutes ago.

But here I find myself in February, it’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow and I have a rather silly present for him.  The Open University course I was doing has just completed, and I find now, that I may be eligible for financial assistance to do the next one!  But that’s ok – it doesn’t start until October 2011! (Which definitely seems a long way away!)

I also just thought I’d note, that as I left the office at 5pm (near enough on the dot) last night, that it was actually light!  So, I still needed the car headlights to be on but this time next week, I probably won’t!

So for now, I’ll leave you with a rather pretty picture of the sunrise as I walked into the office last Friday (28th January), and promise that I shall be back again writing something, anything before too long!

Have a good day, whatever you’re up to and keep an eye out for your Angels. I know I’m looking out for mine!

Dawn and Sunrise

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