The slippery slope of parenthood

My darling daughter is 2 years and half a month old today. Or thereabouts.

And tomorrow she starts nursery for 2 mornings and 1 afternoon a week.  This is not something I am pleased about in all honesty.

Both my Hubby and myself had rather dodgy experiences at school.  Did they make us the people we are today?  Well, we are here having gone through all that, but I for one was definitely hindered by those experiences, and sometimes they still catch me out.

Even before we had thought about getting pregnant, we had both said that if we ever had kids they would be home educated.


So how is it then, that tomorrow morning at 8am precisely, I will be dropping the love of my life off at Nursery to play with children who I don’t know, and be in the care of ladies who I also don’t know (- yet)?

Put like that, that’s a flipping good argument and I’ve just changed my mind – she’s not going.

But she will.  Whilst I still maintain that she will be home educated, I think going to nursery for a few hours a week will do her more good than being at home with Mummy whilst Mummy gets flustered whilst trying to make candles and dodge a toddler whilst carrying containers of melted wax.  Well – ok its not quite like that as when my darling is at home the chance I get to actually get to melt wax is like finding rocking horse poo.

But it reminded me of all those things I said would never happen “If I ever have kids….”

And I cringe at the cringeworthiness of some of the statements.

  • No TV.   (She does watch TV.  I can’t stand Peppa sodding Pig.  And my once favourite Pocoyo is no longer a favourite as I can quote most of the episodes off by heart “See you sooooon!”  and I’d like to see you deal with a toddler who hasn’t slept, and is refusing a nap and won’t budge from mummy’s knee when mummy needs a wee!)
  • Only home made healthy meals and definitely no chips.  (Chips are had at least twice a week.  Pizza may also appear on the menu.  Does it class as homemade if i put extra cheese on top?).
  • At least two types of vegetables with ever meal.  (Beans do count as a vegetable.  Spaghetti hoops also count as a vegetable – but never Beans and spaghetti together!)
  • Her hair will be brushed and tidy.  (Just delusional this one….  no further comment!)

I know for a fact there were more.  I may add them in if I remember them.  But, my point is that for somethings I have let go of the “ideal”.

No – I don’t like how she gets fixated on the TV when its on, but just sometimes I really do have to go to the bathroom or get lunch/tea/whatever cooked, and its either that or meltdown mode.

So whilst for me this “going to nursery” feels like the beginning of a slippery slope to “School”, I’m going into it with vigilant eyes and an open heart.

The places are provided to help parents work – whether employed or otherwise.  And at this moment when my darling needs intense attention, then a few hours playing with other children and being around a select few adults will I think help her.  There aren’t any other children of her age in our immediate family, although there are quite a few family friends with similar aged children.

I will get some time to work on the business, and I will miss her like crazy.  She will get chance to play and interact with other children and run off lots of energy.

At this moment in time – its a 1 year deal.  There are a few criteria I have that if they happen I will pull her out of Nursery and I don’t know quite what will happen come next September, but I’m not really thinking that far ahead for now.  Lets just see how the run up to Christmas goes.


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