The Ghost’s Footsteps

(Content Warning – Suicide alluded to).

Night after night, I hear hollow footsteps outside my bedroom, always the same time.


Two more steps, then the doorknob will rattle and try to turn. If I had breath, I’d hold it.




“Let me in please? I know you’re there.”

The soft voice makes my heart ache. I close my eyes and wish I could stop the sounds reaching my ears as she rests against the door, weeping softly. I thought staying would help if she knew I was still nearby. But this had trapped instead of freeing us. I let the door open and with all my love for her, gather my energy and let her see me.

“Mum!” Her voice was a sigh, she knelt before me in a moment. I let my hands rest gently on her head.

“I know why you did it, Mum. I thought you’d be happy, why are you still here?”

“I thought you needed me to stay, but I needed to stay.”

She smiles, her tears falling.

“Walk with me?”

Linking arms, we walk to the top of the stairs. This time our footsteps resounding together as one. As I step down each stair tread, I look at her. Love shining between us as we walk down the stairs where the accident happened.

“You’ve always been my greatest teacher, my daughter. Thank you. It’s time now we both heal, isn’t it?

“Yes Mum” Holding her close, I whisper, “I love you Darling. Always” and I let go.

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