The Bedtime Gardener

You may be forgiven for thinking this could turn into a bit of an x-rated blog post by that title.  But bear with me!

Doing anything with a toddler in tow ranges from high hilarity to downright frustrating!  For the moment gardening and my little girl, are probably best kept separate!  The plants are not really up to withstanding her exuberant style of care, (meant with all the love in the world as she loves flowers… and picking them to feed to the rabbit), but my conflict is I’d rather the blooms stayed on the plants – for at least a little while!

The year has turned, and I definitely felt the shift tonight.  It was darker earlier.  Before 10pm.  It’s now cutting into my gardening time!  Must remember to dig out the head torch.

Bedtime is when I’m catching up on my backlog of planting.  I spent from the end of May through to the middle of June trying to get a “full day” in the garden on my own to crack on with the planting this year.  It didn’t happen.

So instead I took to gardening at bedtime.  Little one down for between half 7 and 8 (on a good night) and I take to the borders.

There’s a little bit of pressure as for the first time, well, ever, I am having a “function” at my house.  Shocking!  Next year will see 1 full decade of being here and that’s the first time I’ve done something along these lines.  And it’s for my Little One.  Not sure people quite understand how big a thing that is for me.  This is my space, my sanctuary.  And to invite lots of people into it kinda starts feelings of “Oooo-er!”.

But being in the garden helps.  Because hopefully that’s where people will be!  (Weather be nice please!).

I also noticed today when I was dancing around in the little greenhouse trying to catch a moth to put outside before I zipped up for the night that I may have “dealt” with that little thing I used to have about them.  They would send me running for the hills… tonight I caught it and let it fly out.

The same generosity cannot be said for Snails.  The Dahlia’s that have gone in – well, I may as well have put up a sign saying “All you can eat salad bar – Free!!”  Argh!!!!

The neighbours may have seen a strange sight tonight.  Me wandering around the garden taking pictures of the borders and examining said picture in detail looking for snails!

How do you confuse snails?

Put said tasty morsels on the seat of a garden swing!  (The ones that haven’t made it into the ground yet anyway!)

2015-07-10 23.04.48

I can’t bring myself to kill them.  Drown them… or put them in the wheelie bin. (They seem to survive well in there…).  So they are in a plastic tub (with a lid and air) in a shady bit of the garden whilst I research if you can eat English Garden Snails.  If you can I’ll start my own Snail supply company.  If you can’t – I’ll rehome them at some point a fair distance of a drive away!

One last look to the garden and I’m to bed. Night all!

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