Tea with Nanna.

Well Hello World. ¬†ūüôā ¬†It’s been a while.

Maybe only fitting I sit to write this with a cup of tea. ¬†Feels like we’re sitting down for a natter and a drink.

I can’t believe its been nearly a year since I last wrote. ¬†Yes life has been full, but even so, writing is important to me and actually I want to do more of it.

But what’s prompted me to write? ¬†It’s just shy of 1am, the littlest one is asleep in his Moses Basket, I’m supposed to be brushing and plaiting my hair and going to bed but instead I find myself sipping tea and typing.

Have you noticed there’s been a resurgence in the number of Tea-shops around and about? ¬†Well, there has in our neck of the woods. ¬†There are at least two in the local shopping area – if not three. ¬†That’s getting on to equal the number of pubs!

I went for Afternoon Tea with my Sister last week.  Quite a Salvador Dali-esque experience to be honest. Why?  Well because we took our Children.  The last time Big Little Sis and I sat down to a proper cup of tea with a teapot, tea strainer, sugar pot and milk jug was probably when we either had High Tea at Grans, or played Tea Parties with my little porcelain tea set.  So there we were, sitting down to play tea parties, and trying like mad to make the fact that we were there with our children Рhang on Рwhen did we get old enough to have kids????

Maybe its just me and my time-travel-quantum-linear-be-buggered-type mindset.

But it made me think. ¬†There really is nothing nicer than sitting to drink a “Proper” cup of tea, from a CHINA tea cup, from a CHINA teapot. With Loose leaf tea.

So I happened to ask Mum if she had any spare china cups/saucers that she no longer wanted.  And away I came with a few.

They were Nanna’s. ¬†My Mum’s Mum. ¬†This particular teapot had two china mugs with it – that Mum got for Nanna as a present. ¬†As I sit down to just have a moment to myself, with a cup of tea in this cup, from that pot… it really does feel like sitting to have tea with Nanna. ¬†Also fitting that the other cup is “missing”. ¬†Feels like She’s got the other one and is waiting for a refill.

Better go refill the cup!


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