Lughnasadh 2015

Quiet excitement building up!  Tomorrow is Lughnasadh, the “original” harvest festival. This isn’t a post about what Lughnasadh is or isn’t according to various faiths, but more a post as to how I am feeling at this time. If you’ve been following my writings this year you’ll know that earlier in the year was quite difficult for us.  And whilst I still get hit with pangs of “what would have been”, yesterday and today I have felt a big shift. Last year I attempted to undertake a course in Druidry.  For one reason or another I had to withdraw from the Continue Reading →

Don’t you just love it when….

…. Something snaps inside and all the things one’s parents have said to you over the years kinda start to make sense?   Cryptic I know.  I’ll try to explain.  Since becoming a “Mummy” I’ve been plagued with many thoughts of how my talk to my Daughter will (or will not) affect her as she grows up. One thing my Mum has always said to me (amongst many, but this one is pertinent for right now) is “You’ve always been the same – once you prove you can do something you lose interest and stop doing it”.  (She is right…) I’ve Continue Reading →