Getting what you asked for


Last night was quite eventful. And painful. It started on Monday evening if I’m honest, a nice cold blast of air hit a disaster zone of a broken tooth, and wham – face ache begins. It really starts to kick in through the day on Tuesday whilst at work, and then Tuesday evening it really starts to ramp up. Having fallen asleep on the sofa after tea I thought i might just be able to get to sleep. Apparently my pain levels had other ideas. As I laid down…. up went the pain a few more notches…. Tossing, turning – Continue Reading →

The year moves on…

Dawn and Sunrise

Slowly and surely the year moves onwards.  Well at the moment it feels slow and sure but then when I think about it, October 2010 doesn’t feel like 2 minutes ago. But here I find myself in February, it’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow and I have a rather silly present for him.  The Open University course I was doing has just completed, and I find now, that I may be eligible for financial assistance to do the next one!  But that’s ok – it doesn’t start until October 2011! (Which definitely seems a long way away!) I also just thought Continue Reading →