Pure Energy

I’ve just had a thought whilst I was in the shower. It’s a good place to think I find. And a quote I heard a quote the other day went through my thoughts.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

If, in our ‘truest’ form we are purely energy, existing everywhere and everywhen, is there any wonder then that we can “mess up” so spectacularly as we are ‘zoomed in’ to the detail of the level of this life we are currently experiencing?

It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle, but without the picture on the lid. And just to complicate matters further, you have to put it together upside down, so you can’t see the picture on the pieces.

And then, to complicate things just a touch further, the jigsaw you’re currently working on is actually part of a HUGE jigsaw that connects with a whole load of other jigsaws… it’s enough to make your head spin.

Just sometimes, it feels when I meditate (a.k.a. having a good old cry in the shower…!) I can actually zoom out a bit. This isn’t astral projection or anything like that (yet), but I can get out of my own head enough to go up a bit (up a bit – up a bit – up a bit) and start to see the edges of the bigger picture.
A bigger picture
It’s just about realising that perhaps the little things whilst they seem so very big at the time, when zoomed out a bit, are less than the size of a grain of sand. Which in itself is the conundrum, because when it seems so very big, zooming out doesn’t feel like an option.

One Reply to “Pure Energy”

  1. i always see my life as a jigsaw and hadnt looked at my life connecting up with other jigsaws but i think it is a great way of looking at it.
    we can zoom out on the negative things and zoom in on the positive. i am relieved to know that when i have a good cry in the shower, which is a great place to cry, cos then i can say – i got soap in my eyes, that it is meditating. a great way of looking at it. i like it.