Over-Readiness and Forgotten Roots

In music teaching there’s a usually unknown phenomenon of “being over-ready” for exams.  It’s only usually known about for music performances or, for sports persons training for an event or competition.

Basically it means you are past the optimum performance point for your training.  I feel that this has happened for me and the tidying-up process.

In the months leading up to Christmas I couldn’t wait to get started.  I eagerly browsed Facebook groups relating to the process feeling all inspired and motivated seeing the before and after pictures.

And then Christmas happened.  I waited (for once) to receive the book as a present.  I then had to read the book (Task 1).

And now after it feels like a solid 3 months of children being poorly and coughy and sniffly, not to mention the littlest one teething for nearly 4 months solid I am left with little energy, even less motivation – and now an even more pressing urge or need to get on with it.

The littlest one is now mobile.


Yes.  We have bum shuffling.  Silent, but deadly. Teleporting himself almost around the room and usually as he’s so quiet generally one only realises he’s into something he shouldn’t be by the excited squeal as he gets hold of the Remote/Phone charger/Plug extension cord (the list goes on!).

“If you’re going to get on with this Marie Kondo STUFF may I suggest you just get on with it?”

That was my dearest halfs comment as we retrieved The Boy from the corner of doom with wires and knitting needles and just well…. stuff in it.

“What do you need?  I’ll chuck some money your way and just get it done”.

What do I need?

I need to refocus and regain that motivation and drive I had before and over Christmas to make the house and our lives work for us.

I’ve done so much research (I’m calling it research…) into this process.  Read blogs for and against it.  Read how people say it does work, and those who say that for them it doesn’t.  If I’m going to get rid of “Stuff” and invest so much energy (time and physical…) into doing this then I want to be sure it’s worthwhile doing.

In desperation to get the book finished being read (now back in January), I took the book with me to my dental appointment.  As luck would have it they were running quite late due to a computer failure that morning.  So I had a whole hour to sit and read!  Luxury!  I don’t think the Dentist believed me when I told her it was no problem they were late.

I stormed through three quarters of the book in that hour – I read quickly, and its an easy book to read.  At one point I laughed out loud – it was one of those times where one either laughs or cries.  But I laughed.  I really wanted to do this process.  I was looking forward to it.  And then I read in the book this paragraph where Marie speaks about folding clothes.  Apart from the fact that you can store more clothes if they are folded than on hangers in the same volume of space – there is also this:-

…The real benefit is that you must handle each piece of clothing.  As you run your hands over the cloth, you pour your energy into it. The Japanese word for ‘healing’ is ‘te-ate’ which literally means ‘to apply hands’

Oh my word. How could I have forgotten…

Reiki.  Hello Old Friend.

And for what its worth – I have begun by folding my socks to let them rest.  And the difference when I put them on is just amazing.

Onto Task 2.  Visualise your destination.

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