Only a story.

A few nights ago (29th) you turned up in a dream I had.

You came up behind me and stood close. I felt your energy.

I started to startle as I realised who it was, partly in recognition. Partly in fear. But then I realised I had no need to fear any longer. So I stopped the startle.

I felt as though you spoke. “Don’t go. Be?” An ask. So I stood in answer.  In recognition of what used to be there.  Of what things could have been like – had we been different people, that never were.

Remembering the past.
Remembering the ego’s at play.
Remembering that it’s all just a story.

Things are as they are and I’ve no reason or wish to change things.

I turned to look at you and did not recognise the you I knew.  In that moment realising how little it felt we knew at all.

But with the shift that’s taken place I find myself wondering how I’d react now.
Part of me felt sad for the way everything played out.
Another part felt confused for the way the dream came along.
But mostly, I felt curiosity. Why now?

Remembering – it’s only a story on your level-up day.


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