Lughnasadh 2015

Quiet excitement building up!  Tomorrow is Lughnasadh, the “original” harvest festival. This isn’t a post about what Lughnasadh is or isn’t according to various faiths, but more a post as to how I am feeling at this time.

If you’ve been following my writings this year you’ll know that earlier in the year was quite difficult for us.  And whilst I still get hit with pangs of “what would have been”, yesterday and today I have felt a big shift.

Last year I attempted to undertake a course in Druidry.  For one reason or another I had to withdraw from the course.  But one of the things it gave me was the ability to reconnect and watch the cycle of the earth.  Going outside each full moon, or “Sabbat” – (Imbolc,Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain), marking each morning and evening of the Equinox and Solstice.  A modicum of peace, certainty and comfort has been returned to me.

This is the first Sabbat that I’ve been excited about though. Maybe its because my birthday is at the end of August, so in a way this feels like an early celebration. And of all the things that I’ve done or planned for my birthday over the years, for me, observing Lughnasadh fills me with an excitement I’ve not allowed myself to feel in years.

I’m not going anywhere to observe this.  My plan is to sit at the bottom of the garden with my fire pit, a nice glass of something sweet, some home made bread and the fluffiest warmest jumper I can find.

2015-07-31 21.26.48This “Blue Moon” that is happening right at this very moment has brought with it a whole host of things I have had to face up to and deal with.  And they have been met and dealt with.  But all the late nights and lack of sleep over the past few months has been rewarded in the last half hour – I went outside to move something in the garden and was met by the Moon rising.   So beautiful, large, full and clear skies.   In those moments where I was taking a few photo’s and just basking there, to top off a perfect moment – an appearance of one of my animal guides….  The Bats are out! 😀

Excitement building, I feel such energy and peace, and you know what else?  Happiness.

True happiness.

Peace out.  Zx

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