“I hate being in two minds….”

The title of this post was actually one of my friends status’s on Facebook earlier today. I read it, I sat and read it again, and then wondered, actually, if being in two minds was a good thing or a bad thing.

How interesting is this comment? When you really get down to it that is.

First of all – that the writer has, two minds – which most people think is a bit odd as we only have one mind – right?

Well we have a conscious mind, and an unconscious mind – at the very least that is actually – two minds!

So, when we are in two minds about something, thats a really good sign that the Unconscious mind is REALLY keen on letting you know that it needs you to know it’s thoughts on whatever it is that you are in two minds about!

Is it a bad thing to be in two minds? I don’t think so – but that is my opinion, and they are like noses, in the fact that everybody has one!

Of course, it could also be that the two minds are opposed to each other wanting completely seemingly different things.

There are two ways we could help to resolve this.

The first – what is the intention of both parties? (both minds) What do they want to acheive, or protect, or maintain?

Sometimes even addressing these things can help us come to a decision.

The second thing – is to visualise the two options – one on each of your hands. Get a feel for what shape they would be, what texture, what sounds they’d make if any, anything else that they may represent.

Get a good feeling for each of the options available to you, and then when you have that, bring your hands together, and imagine that you’re mashing play-do between your palms!

What you’re going to do now, is blow off all the extra ‘bits’ that are surplus to requirements, and ‘see’ what you’re left with.

Is it now one morphed decision? Or, do they fall apart again as soon as you separate your hands?

If they fall apart again, put them back onto separate hands and see if they have ‘changed’ in anyway. What do they represent to you now?
What do they feel like now?
What do they look like now?
What colour, texture are they?
What sounds would they make?
What do each of them represent to you now?

Then, do again – the squish between your hands.

Keep going with this, until you get to the point where you have one morphed, new, congruant decision.

Simples! Chhhik!

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