gumptionMy gumption at last has got up and gone.

Along with the busy body – “No-one”.

No-one emptied the bookcase of books

And my gumption ceased to inspire me to cook.

“I’ll just clear this side” – but its taking too long

And now Youtube’s browsing, searching a song.

Powered by No-one, definitely not me.

My gumptions got up and gone you see.

The dishwasher’s on and the washer is whirring

Oh for the spell that keeps your tea stirring.

And hot. Don’t forget hot. Easy to forget

when your gumption you’ve not got.

I ought to go find it – maybe a poster to share

“Gumption Lost – one careful owner, quite rare”.

But that would mean typing, and hitting then “Send”.

And show that my gumption is perhaps on the mend.

So for now I’ll procrastinate and stare at the side.

And ponder perhaps a go on the slide.


Perhaps not one of my finest pieces, but what do you expect with no gumption?! 😉


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