Getting what you asked for

Last night was quite eventful. And painful. It started on Monday evening if I’m honest, a nice cold blast of air hit a disaster zone of a broken tooth, and wham – face ache begins.

It really starts to kick in through the day on Tuesday whilst at work, and then Tuesday evening it really starts to ramp up. Having fallen asleep on the sofa after tea I thought i might just be able to get to sleep.

Apparently my pain levels had other ideas. As I laid down…. up went the pain a few more notches….

Tossing, turning – nothing worked. Sat up cradling head with quilt… rocking gently back and forwards…

There’s nothing quite like toothache really is there?

So, my DP (Dear Partner) comes up to bed and I’m now not only hurting alot, but also conscious of keeping him awake… so – I get up and decide to try to sleep propped up on the sofa.

That kind of works, but only for a few moments before the pain ramps up again…

And about 10 minutes later DP comes into the front room. He said he couldn’t sleep either, so we both sat up and he watched silly stuff on telly whilst keeping one eye on me, whilst I moved between sitting up, laying down and rocking gently.

In the middle of one of the up times of pain levels, I gave a shout out to my angels, guides, and whoever else was listening…. it went something along the lines of….

“I PROMISE I’ll go to the dentist in the morning… I PROMISE…. please just let me get to sleep.. I PROMISE I’ll go….”

(Imagine if you will a child PLEADING with its parents that it’ll be good, tidy its room… do its homework….  that kind of pleading!)

And yes, the toothache had happened before and I think I said something similar, then the pain went, and I slept, and needless to say – I didn’t go to the dentist either!

So the pain wasn’t taken away by my helpers, and I just resorted to deep breathing, and rocking… and sleeping for a few moments.. and somehow I awoke at 6am after sleeping for about an hour, and the pain is still there, but not as bad. I wake up DP who has fallen asleep on the bouncy ikea chair, and we go to bed for an hour and a bit before I had to get up for Drs appt for a blood test.

So – alarm time came, up I get, leaving DP in bed toddle off out for blood test. And – the doctors is just around the corner from the Dentist. As I came out of the Doctors I hesitated slightly… “I’ll get gone to work, I can phone the Dentist from work..”

But my FEET betrayed me! They started walking around the corner to the Dentist. Oh well I thought, lets just go and make an appointment then.

In I walked to the Dentist, explained I needed a checkup anyway, and that last night I had really bad toothache – the receptionist said “He can see you now if you like?”


“Er, how long is the wait likely to be?”

“About 5-10 minutes”

Again, my mouth betrayed me! “OK yes please”

I don’t know about you, but getting to see my dentist anytime before 1 weeks notice is unheard of – unless its an emergency appointment – so whilst my angels/guardians didn’t take the pain away (because I would most likely have ignored it again…) they did clear some space in his diary to fit me in this morning to deal with the offending tooth.

So – THANK YOU Angels and Guardians for helping me get the tooth dealt with. One night of not sleeping is actually worth the exchange of being able to get the tooth dealt with today! And I’m really looking forward to bedtime tonight! To Sleep! Without pain!

Also a big thank you to DP who stayed up with me. Even though I was grouchy and hurty – it helped to have you there.


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