The Ghost’s Footsteps

Picture showing upload success for the 2021 NYC Midnight Microfiction 250 challenge

(Content Warning – Suicide alluded to). Night after night, I hear hollow footsteps outside my bedroom, always the same time. Creak. Two more steps, then the doorknob will rattle and try to turn. If I had breath, I’d hold it. Creak. Creak. Rattle. “Let me in please? I know you’re there.” The soft voice makes my heart ache. I close my eyes and wish I could stop the sounds reaching my ears as she rests against the door, weeping softly. I thought staying would help if she knew I was still nearby. But this had trapped instead of freeing us. Continue Reading →

Snow Driving

It had been trying to snow all lesson, from Langwith up to Worksop the sky heavy with snow filled clouds and the temperature outside so cold that when Matt got in the car his glasses steamed up. “I can’t believe you’re doing a lesson in this weather!” I looked over at him and smiled. He was doing well with his driving, driving test booked but it was a few months off still. “You know my policy, if I can get to you, you go out for a lesson!” He didn’t look too convinced. “Look, “ I tried to cajole him, Continue Reading →