Did you get in?

Facebook has had a slow momentum with the question “Did you get in?”. It started last week, with a slow dribble of parents posting “Hope  <Insertnamehere> (child) gets into the school, can’t wait to find out next week!” A few more parents have had a trickier time with several children being split between different schools, and even one friend who has all 4 children at 4 different schools – drop offs and pick ups are a nightmare, for which friends help out. I find myself watching the results come in and am filled with a certain nervousness. Depending on which Continue Reading →

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Adulting win!

Now I know the title of this post could be misread, but give me a moment to explain. For the past month I have been struggling.  Being poorly, having to decamp to my Parents house with the children, moving back home, and I’ve been stuck.  Can’t seem to get going in any direction, it’s all I have been able to do to get the kids dressed (most of the time), fed and watered, “outsided” (it’s now a verb…) and then into bed.  And then, I usually sit shellshocked and dazed on the sofa, fighting the urge to close my eyes Continue Reading →