By Moonlight.

So I sit and type in the moonlight.

Seems a bit sacrilegious, but I’m doing it anyway.  A bit like going camping and taking the telly. (Really??? I mean what is the point??).

The moon is full and round tonight and peeking through next doors Eucalyptus tree.  The flower bed immediately to my left has flowers settling in.  They are long overdue planting out, but I’m hoping the warm weather coming this week will help them on with a growth spurt and settle in.

Not really sure there’s a point to this post.  Other than to say its a beautiful night.  Warm too.  There’s just started a slight chill to the air, but its pleasant.  There’s a motorbike on the main road growling by.  A dog is barking down the next street to the south.  But other than that, its quiet.  Random pops and noises of insects and snails coming out for dinner.

I hope the plants survive!  Dahlias, Gazenias, Geraniums, Fuscia.  An inspired choice, but  it’ll be a fabulous display of colour in about a months time.

I’ve really struggled to find the money to keep my Garden Helper coming this past month.  But I made a commitment, to my garden and to my helper.  And not least of all that Being that has been with me in the garden this year.  I feel I need to be out here in this presence more.

It’s 11pm at night, and the moon will be hiding behind the tree now for another hour at least.  And I ought to get some sleep.

So whilst I’m sat outside the back door, the smell of honeysuckle fills my head, mixed with lavender from Lavender Row, and the faint waft of Sweet Pea… (and a very slight underlying earthy tone of Rabbit… hmmm guess what I’m doing at some point tomorrow!).

Being out in the garden is supposed to be relaxing.  I’m not relaxed. I’m invigorated.  This is worse than watching telly immediately before bed – how the heck am I supposed to sleep now?!

Answers on a postcard please!

Night all.



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