Snow Driving

It had been trying to snow all lesson, from Langwith up to Worksop the sky heavy with snow filled clouds and the temperature outside so cold that when Matt got in the car his glasses steamed up. “I can’t believe you’re doing a lesson in this weather!” I looked over at him and smiled. He was doing well with his driving, driving test booked but it was a few months off still. “You know my policy, if I can get to you, you go out for a lesson!” He didn’t look too convinced. “Look, “ I tried to cajole him, Continue Reading →

De-clutter Bug and The FlyLady!

The Flylady

Have you ever heard of “The Flylady”? She is a lady who has started a website to help us become more organised, tidy, and ensure that we suffer less from “CHAOS” – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome! (Because it’s too messy etc!) I am taking tentative flybaby steps at the moment and I receive a daily update of messages posted. One of them caught my eye yesterday morning. It was about a lady and her husband who helped clear out her Mum’s shed that was packed full of “things that might come in handy one day” by her Father (who Continue Reading →

Pure Energy

I’ve just had a thought whilst I was in the shower. It’s a good place to think I find. And a quote I heard a quote the other day went through my thoughts. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. If, in our ‘truest’ form we are purely energy, existing everywhere and everywhen, is there any wonder then that we can “mess up” so spectacularly as we are ‘zoomed in’ to the detail of the level of this life we are currently experiencing? It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle, but without the picture on the lid. And just to Continue Reading →

Time – it’s all about time

I find that I’m in a strange place here tonight.  It’s almost like I can look back on the events of my past to this point now, and see where I’ve pushed things to happen. Making things happen for you is all well and good – there is no doubting that.  But there is also a time, where, well, time is needed.  Patience required.  Normally though, we have to be well past the event to recognise that maybe a little time was required.  It’s called ‘hindsight’.  The sight behind. A look in the Online Entemology dictionary tells us that “hindsight Continue Reading →

Gardening and Grief

It’s just been snowing here.  So I went into the conservatory and stood at the back door to watch it snow. Looking out at the garden, I notice there’s a change in me.  Normally, it will get to the month of February and I will start getting fractious and eager to get out into the garden and start ‘doing’.   Tidying up the winter ravages, cutting back the annual plants, and smiling at seeing the snowdrops peek through the soil. This year – it’s different.  But then so much has changed in the past few months that it’s maybe just those Continue Reading →

Never ending wash baskets

I think, I have a goblin in my wardrobe. Or the wash-room, or both. Because just when I get to the bottom of the washing basket, no sooner do I turn around, than it’s full once more. Come to think of it, I think there may be a goblin in the kitchen too – because the same thing happens with the washing up. And, what about all the mail and paperwork that comes through the letterbox? That either needs shredding, binning, filing or paying?! Ah, that’ll be the letterbox goblin then, a close relation to both the kitchen goblin and Continue Reading →

Annette and the Birds

Well, here we have a little video of Annette. Annette has been afraid of birds, butterflies and similar flappy things since her childhood.  After having a coaching session with myself earlier this summer, yesterday we took a trip into Nottingham City Centre to go and have a look at the pigeons, whilst a couple of days earlier, she took a trip to a butterfly house with her grandchildren! In all the years leading up to this, there has never been a time when Annette would walk through “Slab Square”.  Always, her friends and family have had to trail around the Continue Reading →

“Make it so”

Well, if you’re a Trekkie you’ll have heard Jean Luc Picard utter those words several times in each episode! However, for those of you who have no idea what I just said – you will also probably understand the basic meaning behind the phrase!  Make it so. Make what exactly?  Well – “it”, whatever “it” may be. I’ve just been reminded of a couple of ‘basics’ within the NLP coaching that I do.  The first is “setting the intent” and the second is the “mind/body connection“, that we work as a whole, not two parts of the mind, and the Continue Reading →

Choice Choices

So here we are. As I have sat to write this, so you have begun to read.  I don’t know what your day is like, how you came to this particular blog post, or what lead you here. But I do know, that however it happened, you made the choice to read, and more importantly, I made the choice to write, otherwise you couldn’t have chosen to read this! A good friend of mine loaned me a book called “The Shack” by William P Young.  I won’t blow the plot of the story for you, other than to say it Continue Reading →

Appreciating Magic

One of my previous posts was called “I practise magic“, in which I speak of how some things we do may appear magical to other people because of the ease of which we do them.  How often though, do we realise our own magic?  How often do we realise and give ourselves credit for that which we do well, that we are ‘good’ at, that we may even enjoy too? My sister has gone on holiday for a week, and in this time she lent me her Flute – at my request!  Over the past few weeks I’ve just had an Continue Reading →