A Roar and a Dance

It is REALLY cold in our little corner of the world this evening. So I thought it might be a good idea to go check on the rabbit.

It’s about half 9, and there’s been a bit of a battle to get the littlest little one to bed. Going out into the freezing night is not what I want to do – especially with a cold (poor me…!) But Rabbit needs checking!

Warm coat on and zipped up. Grab a carrot and the end from the broccoli, box of rabbit food, water, hay and outside I go.

The cold air makes me want to scurry back inside again but I’m nicely sidetracked by the pretty stars in the perfectly clear sky.

Frosty ice gems glisten on everything. Even the crowd of bins look pretty.

The Rabbit is fed, watered and plied with hay. A quick fuss and stroke and back up the garden I go to the nice warm kitchen. Realising the kids toys need bringing in…. and to do that some recycling needs to go into the bin.

It’s finally all done though and realising I’m warm and cosy in my coat I decide to stargaze a little while.

Standing on the back doorstep, just looking up. Immediately there in front of me in all its glory – Sagittarius. Or Orion.

My memories stir, as at one point in another lifetime I used to love seeing this constellation. It used to help me feel close too someone when we were apart. As time passed though it more felt like a permanent reminder that I couldn’t avoid that I would really rather not see. And I do so love being outside stargazing.

Small whispy clouds started to appear. One in particular seemed to fairly race across the sky. At the same moment that I heard the distant roar of an aircraft, I noticed this cloud was in the shape of the head of a lioness (how do I know? No mane!) Mouth open in a roar and it was headed straight for Orion.

I almost heard a collision as the lion cloud and the stars appeared to collide.

Immediately, the lion cloud morphed, into a dancer. Wearing a full long swishy skirt, one arm held up holding a scarf or similar floaty item which was dancing in the wind.

It couldn’t have been clearer to my eyes. It was awesome to watch.

And a little nudge for me.

I am grateful to have seen it.

((And all without a single drop of rum! – or anything else for that matter!!))


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