A chat.

It’s been a busy few months.  But just today I could do with a chat with my Grandad. Not about anything in particular. Just to spend some time with him, sit and have a chat.

I’d let myself in using the key. Shout hello as I cross the door.
‘Hallo’ would come the call more often as not from the kitchen.
Sat on his perch, a customised stool, eating a sarnie of cheese or ham.
Pouring a cuppa whilst he asks how I am.
With one eye on the garden but both ears on me, his eyes twinkling as we share some tea.
Fancy some cake? Truly am honoured to be offered this carefully rationed Christmas treat, that if he was careful would last the whole year.
And there for now, I think I’ll remain as I absentmindedly scratch the dogs ear.

Love you Grandad.

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