End of year Review

My word that sounds so grown up.   But I want to take a moment to just honour the past year. It has for many people been really quite horrible. We too have had our share, but as I said to my OH earlier it could have been a lot worse.  It could have been better, but also much, much worse! Our youngest and in all probability last child arrived this year, and he has brought me so much joy and happiness my heart bursts. He is quick to giggle, and that giggle lifts me.  He has his Dad’s smile, Continue Reading →


It’s been a strange Christmas so far. And its not here yet. My Dearest OH has said over the past few months that I’ve changed, but that I’m trying to fight against it.  My rather flippant retort to that was (internally anyway) of course I’ve changed, I’m now a mum to two… But something has happened I notice with the arrival of the Littlest Little One.  I find that although I may have tinges here and there of PNA (Post Natal Anxiety) at times, on a baseline with the arrival of the littlest one something else was returned to me. Continue Reading →