A Fairytale.

Well, if you’ve been reading my blog recently you might be forgiven for thinking I’ve finally flipped.  With losing the baby in April – how could this possibly in any way be referred to as a fairytale? If you’re willing, I’ll explain. May arrived.  I felt strange urges that Must Be Obeyed.  It was to fettle, sort and spring clean.  So whilst tackling the tetris puzzle that is my clothes storage, I hooked my phone up to the speakers in the bedroom and started to listen to a podcast by Damh the Bard.   Episode 95 to be exact.  A Continue Reading →

The Little Spark That Was.

Before I start, I’m setting the intent that I will do justice to this post.  To remembering my  Little Spark. Edited to Add:-  This is rather long.  It’s rather emotional and has some a fair amount of tree hugging hippy stuff and frankly weird stuff in it towards the end.  But it makes sense to me.  The practical down to earth Virgo. I didn’t have a plan as such for this year.  The general plan was, to carry on with making candles (and hopefully selling some), maybe look at developing a new range. And to try and get through this year without too much Continue Reading →

The things they don’t tell you about a miscarriage.

There are three ways of Managing a miscarriage.  The Miscarriage Association website tells of things in a bit more detail, but upon being chatted to at the hospital there are three options, surgical, medical and natural. Surgical – Under a local or general aneasthetic the remains of the pregnancy are removed. Medical – A pessary is used to start the process off. Natural – nature takes its course.  Normally recommended by the medical profession if the miscarriage happens in the first three months. It is your choice which option you choose, the medical profession will have their say, but it is down Continue Reading →

Thank you Little Spark

My previous post “The Little Spark that was” tells of how briefly Little Spark was with us.  7 weeks. In this post I want to thank Little Spark. In case you’re wondering, yes, there will be one or two more posts about this event.  No they won’t go on forever.  Aside from whatever lessons I have to learn from this, there may be things that other people can take from it too.  As I’ve rediscovered my itch for writing, I’m guessing the two things are related and certain things should be written about. But for now – Thank you Little Continue Reading →

The Results Are In…

And so we wake this morning to the news that the Conservatives are in. And it seems the world and his wife have all written blog posts.  So here’s my two-pennies worth of thoughts. There have been countless tales of prophesied horror of what will happen if the Tories get in.  And I wonder how many of them will actually come true in the next 5 years. But if we go with the general consensus on Goode Olde Facebooke this morning (surely the font of all knowledge that is True and Reliable!) that the turnout for this election was 60%.  If you Continue Reading →

A writer’s dilemma.

Or maybe the title of this post should be “The dilemma a writer has, who has a slight case of OCD”. Wow.  I’ve sat and stared at that first line for nearly an hour.  It’s been so long since I’ve written that I feel hesitant to start.  The floodgates will open, and I’m not sure I wish to moderate all that will come out. Just another lesson in the life lesson that I am currently learning and practising a lot. Letting Go. I won’t join in with the thousands and do yet another parody of the recent Disney song, but Continue Reading →

Flower Moon

Hmph. It seems the moon tonight is not going to let me be an opportunistic photographer. No, if I want a decent picture of the moon in all her fabulous luminosity, with stormy clouds racing past her then tonight I must pay court. Set up tripod, put more than a simple nighty on and get outside and wait. Appreciate the waiting. But reality calls me otherwise. At a quarter past midnight my LO will be up in about 6 hours. Parents will arrive shortly after 10ish or thereabouts to do a bit of ‘fixing’ about the place and I’ve things Continue Reading →