A Blogterrupt

A blogterrupt, is when ‘normal’ daily life takes over and interrupts the flow for one’s blog! Regular service will resume shortly, we apologise for the delay and play you some twinkly music whilst we get our service back online. If you can’t hear the twinkly music, simply go inside yourself now and imagine what twinkly music sounds like, and then try to tell me you can’t hear it! Magic or what?!

I practise magic…

One of my other activities that I “do”, is that of Music Teacher.  One of my students, in her clarinet lesson couldn’t get a certain note to sound cleanly, unfuzzily, and without squeaking! I grabbed my clarinet from it’s perch on top of the piano, and demonstrated the technique.  To me, it was simple.  To my student, it was as though she’d seen an electric lightbulb switch on for the first time. “Wow!!! How did you do that??”  I looked at her and answered “Practise”. A quote from the Cinderella film from the 1950’s came to mind – where the Continue Reading →

The universe is listening!

On Friday night, the 3rd July, I spent nearly an hour on the phone to my sister having a bit of a catch up – which was a really lovely way to spend an hour.  I was sat outside the back door on my little bench in the sunshine with my drink and nattered away.  During the conversation, something caught my eye. There in front of me, crawling along the bright yellow hosepipe currently snaking along the ground, was a ladybird.  So what you may ask? Last year I grew a variety of chilli plants in the conservatory, and two Continue Reading →

Observations on Procrastination and Avoidance

I seem to have had a difficult time beginning this post. So, I’ve decided to observe my behaviour in this respect – postpone the original idea for the post, and post regarding this instead! First of all I blamed the kitchen table – for being too kitchen table like. Then the table was too high for me to type at ‘properly’ – never mind the fact that I only feel like I’m typing “properly” when typing on a “proper” keyboard, not a laptop interface! Then the chair just wasn’t ‘right’ – yup – far too kitchen chair like. Then the Continue Reading →

Hold your tongue.

A quick guide to how to get the best out of meetings / appointments / lectures / telephone conversations! Everyone has days where it just seems that everybody wants to talk to you, whether you’re at the post office, the garage, through instant messaging on the computer, by telephone, the neighbour chatting over the garden fence… everybody just seems to want to talk to you! And then the 10 minutes or so of “quiet time” you do actually get, you find aren’t that quiet at all because of the internal chatter that has since started up – wow, you are Continue Reading →

“I hate being in two minds….”

The title of this post was actually one of my friends status’s on Facebook earlier today. I read it, I sat and read it again, and then wondered, actually, if being in two minds was a good thing or a bad thing. How interesting is this comment? When you really get down to it that is. First of all – that the writer has, two minds – which most people think is a bit odd as we only have one mind – right? Well we have a conscious mind, and an unconscious mind – at the very least that is Continue Reading →