Trust Technique

Animals are a huge part of our lives, they always have been. They have been our companions, our teachers, our children, they have helped us with transport, production, even food and clothing. They have given us so much – and they still do. How often do we take them for granted?

The Trust Technique is a wonderful way of communicating with animals, whether they are your own pets, or animals you encounter during your daily life, but by becoming peaceful inside, quietening our minds and slowing down to the present now moment we can tune in to their frequency.

With a little guidance, the Trust Technique is something that anyone can learn to do. A brief overview of it, is that by being in a peaceful state ourselves, can directly have an effect on the animals (and other humans!) that are around us. This can be used to develop a deeper connection with your pets/animals, and also for deeper healing.

To discover more about James French and the work he is currently doing with animals and rescue centers, please visit this link to the Trust Technique website.

Here is a video from James which explains a little more about the Trust Technique.