Magic Making Memories


As days go, today is just another day. But it’s an important day to remember someone who left us – in body anyway.  20 years ago to the day. Our dear Sister, who was all about friendship and having fun.  Love and laughter. Completely arranged accidentally, the smalls had a play date with some friends.  We ended up at a local nature reserve, pond dipping, and then a lovely long walk up a lovely big hill for a picnic right at the top among the cowslips and small blue butterflies.  The Momma’s chatted and child-wrangled, whilst giving the extra smalls Continue Reading →

New Bird on the Block.

[Before the post proper starts, can I just say that when I sat to write this post, I had no idea where it was going.  I just knew I had to write.  So this is for my OH.  Words from the heart – for you.]   For a few months I’ve been trying to entice a few more birds onto our garden.  I’ve moved the bird feeder stand, and tried food and fat balls in different areas of the garden.  We have not one, but two sets of blackbirds nesting within our boundaries.  One family has taken up residence in Continue Reading →

Did you get in?


Facebook has had a slow momentum with the question “Did you get in?”. It started last week, with a slow dribble of parents posting “Hope  <Insertnamehere> (child) gets into the school, can’t wait to find out next week!” A few more parents have had a trickier time with several children being split between different schools, and even one friend who has all 4 children at 4 different schools – drop offs and pick ups are a nightmare, for which friends help out. I find myself watching the results come in and am filled with a certain nervousness. Depending on which Continue Reading →

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Happy Birthday Littlest Little One!

A year ago just now, my waters went.  (Just after 1 am, 31st March 2016). 30 minutes of indecision… and then the contractions started.  This time around though they felt like I’d been told contractions should have felt.  And pressure on my lower back this time felt amazing. Yet again though, there was no gentle induction into the birthing process.  No 30 minute gaps between contractions to get used to the idea.  No, this was hard, and fast. Every 2-3 minutes right from the get-go.  “I’m calling the midwives, this kids’ coming faster than a freight train”, were the words Continue Reading →

And the Blossom Fell…


All day the cherry blossom has been slowly falling.   Falling and calling to me. Calling me back to 2 years ago when I stood in the back garden, in the shade of the bamboo and under a gentle shower of cherry blossom petals, and said Goodbye to Little Spark. This is not a sad post – so please do not be sad. I was called into the garden, pulled there.  All day I was thwarted in this mission… The eldest little one needed this that or the other, lunch needed preparing, daily house stuff to take care of, teatime, Continue Reading →

Adulting win!

Now I know the title of this post could be misread, but give me a moment to explain. For the past month I have been struggling.  Being poorly, having to decamp to my Parents house with the children, moving back home, and I’ve been stuck.  Can’t seem to get going in any direction, it’s all I have been able to do to get the kids dressed (most of the time), fed and watered, “outsided” (it’s now a verb…) and then into bed.  And then, I usually sit shellshocked and dazed on the sofa, fighting the urge to close my eyes Continue Reading →

Life – KM’d

I’ve had a bit of trouble writing the vision for my life, as is the instruction in the Marie Kondo The Magic Art of tidying up. But about two weeks ago I became a bit poorly.  Bronchitis and tonsillitis.  Poorly enough that I ended up having to move into Mum and Dad’s with the entourage.  I’m really grateful actually.  Firstly that dear parents were able to look after us and also that I’ve had a haitus from being ‘in the mire’ at home.  I’ve had chance to think and view life from 5 minutes away. I want a life that Continue Reading →

Over-Readiness and Forgotten Roots


In music teaching there’s a usually unknown phenomenon of “being over-ready” for exams.  It’s only usually known about for music performances or, for sports persons training for an event or competition. Basically it means you are past the optimum performance point for your training.  I feel that this has happened for me and the tidying-up process. In the months leading up to Christmas I couldn’t wait to get started.  I eagerly browsed Facebook groups relating to the process feeling all inspired and motivated seeing the before and after pictures. And then Christmas happened.  I waited (for once) to receive the book as Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning


The pre-Christmas tidy up this year was difficult.  I’ve mentioned that I wanted to undergo the KonMar method of tidying/decluttering post festivities, I just kept looking at the piles of stuff being tetris’d around and starting to pick items up thinking “Does this bring me joy?” But I resisted. And now I have to do the put it all away till next year.  The tree is down and away.  The decorations need sorting and boxing but that’s a job for tomorrow night. I’m left looking at a tantalisingly more spacious room, and all the “Stuff” is jumping out at me Continue Reading →

End of year Review


My word that sounds so grown up.   But I want to take a moment to just honour the past year. It has for many people been really quite horrible. We too have had our share, but as I said to my OH earlier it could have been a lot worse.  It could have been better, but also much, much worse! Our youngest and in all probability last child arrived this year, and he has brought me so much joy and happiness my heart bursts. He is quick to giggle, and that giggle lifts me.  He has his Dad’s smile, Continue Reading →