How does it work?

Any good therapy session begins with the client telling the therapist where they are now, and then through some directed questions, we find out where the client wants to go, what they want to achieve – and what stops them at the moment from achieving that. It’s more than just what the client says, a lot of the language used will also give the therapist a clue as to their issues.

Emotional association

We human beings are sensitive creatures and as such we tend to live our lives dictated by our emotions. How we feel about doing anything depends entirely on which emotion we have unconsciously learned to associate with that situation.

We like doing the things that have a positive association and try to avoid those that have a negative association. (Yes, I used the word try – because normally when we try to avoid a negative association – we normally end up smack bang in the middle of it!).

The magic is knowing how to eliminate those negative associations for good.

The NLP techniques that I use to make the changes you want involve some fun exercises that use your imagination, your mind and body all at once.

By using the physical body to create memories/anchor points,  we can create really strong memories/feelings associated to your desired outcome. 

By combining imagination, the physical body, and emotions, everything included – it makes for a really strong “anchor”.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be described as waking hypnosis – you are perfectly aware of all that went on, it just enables you to ‘store’ things in a different way in our heads, break old associations and make new ones.

The key and magic for me, is enabling people to be more, and to achieve more than they ever dreamed, or thought possible.

Who is NLP for?

In short, anyone who wants to effect a change in their life.  As long as the client wants the change to happen, then NLP can help you, from children to adults – anyone at all.

For those who aren’t sure if they do want a change or not, then we can also help discover if there is anything that prevents you from moving forward.  There is no point in change for changes sake, however, where behaviours or beliefs are getting in the way of things that you want to accomplish – then we can help!

Here’s to your dreams, and to those dreams you haven’t even considered yet!