Magic Making Memories

As days go, today is just another day.

But it’s an important day to remember someone who left us – in body anyway.  20 years ago to the day.

Our dear Sister, who was all about friendship and having fun.  Love and laughter.

Completely arranged accidentally, the smalls had a play date with some friends.  We ended up at a local nature reserve, pond dipping, and then a lovely long walk up a lovely big hill for a picnic right at the top among the cowslips and small blue butterflies.  The Momma’s chatted and child-wrangled, whilst giving the extra smalls breastfeeds in the sunshine.

And as the smalls raced around afterwards, taking turns with the yellow submarine bubble blower, I had a small idea.  A whisper of a dream.  So holding it lightly I investigate further.

That’s all the cryptic clues you’re going to get for now, but excitement bubbles… with puddles of possibilities…

But overall, the theme of the day was love, laughter, childhood memories and friendship.

Thank you Jen.


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