Hypnotherapy is another tool I use within my coaching work, whether I use NLP techniques or Hypnotherapy with my clients is something determined by the results required, and also the clients wishes.

Quite a few people I have met, upon me telling them I’m a hypnotherapist, suddenly get quite nervous, and more than one person has asked “you’re not going to make me cluck like a chicken every time asks me if I want a coffee are you?”  (Edit: I talk to some strange people!)

The fear I think comes from the hypnotists shows seen on the T.V. and on holiday, and evenings at the theatre.  The simple fact of the matter is, as a hypnotherapist, I cannot MAKE you do anything that is against your moral codes, ethics, or natural behaviours!

Many people who have had hypnotherapy sessions, have said it is a wonderful relaxing experience, and it can be used to great effect to help reduce pysical pain, but there are many different applications of hypnotherapy.

A hypnotherapy session combined with Reiki makes for a wonderfully relaxing and powerful healing session.

Hypnotherapy can help you to make changes to your life and they may seem easier.  This is because you have the acceptance of the ‘whole self’ on board with the change, your conscious mind as well as your subconscious, higher self, whatever you refer to your different parts as.  Tip:-  We all hear voices inside our heads.  The people to worry about are those that say they don’t!

Hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet.  I do not offer services such as the hypnotherapy gastric band.  Such processes do not take into account any reasons underneath the initial weight gain/ relationship with food.  If you aren’t willing to look at these things and address them – guess what?  The weight will come back!

If Hypnotherapy is something you are interested in, please contact me for further details.