Baby Loss Awareness Week


I’ve been thinking about Little Spark on and off all week, what with one thing or another on the radio. A few weeks ago I ordered a “special offer” from Facebook. A necklace with a “wish” in it – for shipping only.  And promptly forgot about it. Today it arrived. The last day of Baby Loss Awareness week. It couldn’t be better. It has three dandelion seeds in it.  Which I take as all three of my babies.  The biggest wish grew wings and flew from this plane of existence to watch over us.  The other two stayed with me. Continue Reading →


I’ve been putting off writing this blog post for about 6.5 days.  Procrastination. Isn’t it weird how these two words have the same ending….DesTINATION.  ProcrasTINATION. I could go on. A rather good friend of mine did something amazing in September.  She did the Great North Run for the first time.  She went from couch to 13.1miles in about 8ish months. Granted she did have one of the most horrible starts one could have to a year, and this is what she did with it. I’m really proud of her. I was inspired.  I watched the event on the telly box just Continue Reading →

Gods and Writers


Warning – this post contains Spoilers to Terry Pratchett’s new book “The Shepherds Crown”.  If you haven’t read it and don’t want to know what does or doesn’t happen (in part), please bookmark this page and come back later! If you’ve already read it, or aren’t much bothered about a spoiler, (it’s a big one..) then carry on! Sidney Sheldon once was quoted as saying “A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to be God”.   And that, in part, is one reason I find it extremely hard to do any kind Continue Reading →

Don’t you just love it when….

…. Something snaps inside and all the things one’s parents have said to you over the years kinda start to make sense?   Cryptic I know.  I’ll try to explain.  Since becoming a “Mummy” I’ve been plagued with many thoughts of how my talk to my Daughter will (or will not) affect her as she grows up. One thing my Mum has always said to me (amongst many, but this one is pertinent for right now) is “You’ve always been the same – once you prove you can do something you lose interest and stop doing it”.  (She is right…) I’ve Continue Reading →

The Bedtime Gardener


You may be forgiven for thinking this could turn into a bit of an x-rated blog post by that title.  But bear with me! Doing anything with a toddler in tow ranges from high hilarity to downright frustrating!  For the moment gardening and my little girl, are probably best kept separate!  The plants are not really up to withstanding her exuberant style of care, (meant with all the love in the world as she loves flowers… and picking them to feed to the rabbit), but my conflict is I’d rather the blooms stayed on the plants – for at least Continue Reading →

By Moonlight.

So I sit and type in the moonlight. Seems a bit sacrilegious, but I’m doing it anyway.  A bit like going camping and taking the telly. (Really??? I mean what is the point??). The moon is full and round tonight and peeking through next doors Eucalyptus tree.  The flower bed immediately to my left has flowers settling in.  They are long overdue planting out, but I’m hoping the warm weather coming this week will help them on with a growth spurt and settle in. Not really sure there’s a point to this post.  Other than to say its a beautiful night. Continue Reading →

Sweet William

About a week ago my lovely neighbour handed me a bunch of roses because she thought I needed a smile.  And indeed I did smile each and every time I saw them or walked past them in the room. Flowers though don’t last forever.  So as I had to remove them to the compost bin this morning I made a special note to go fetch some more from the shop.  “They don’t have to cost much” I told myself.  Its more a token.  I love to see flowers in a room. So, before I started work this Saturday morning I popped Continue Reading →

The Little Spark That Was.

Little Spark

Before I start, I’m setting the intent that I will do justice to this post.  To remembering my  Little Spark. Edited to Add:-  This is rather long.  It’s rather emotional and has some a fair amount of tree hugging hippy stuff and frankly weird stuff in it towards the end.  But it makes sense to me.  The practical down to earth Virgo. I didn’t have a plan as such for this year.  The general plan was, to carry on with making candles (and hopefully selling some), maybe look at developing a new range. And to try and get through this year without too much Continue Reading →

The things they don’t tell you about a miscarriage.

2015-04-16 05.32.16

There are three ways of Managing a miscarriage.  The Miscarriage Association website tells of things in a bit more detail, but upon being chatted to at the hospital there are three options, surgical, medical and natural. Surgical – Under a local or general aneasthetic the remains of the pregnancy are removed. Medical – A pessary is used to start the process off. Natural – nature takes its course.  Normally recommended by the medical profession if the miscarriage happens in the first three months. It is your choice which option you choose, the medical profession will have their say, but it is down Continue Reading →

Thank you Little Spark

Little Spark

My previous post “The Little Spark that was” tells of how briefly Little Spark was with us.  7 weeks. In this post I want to thank Little Spark. In case you’re wondering, yes, there will be one or two more posts about this event.  No they won’t go on forever.  Aside from whatever lessons I have to learn from this, there may be things that other people can take from it too.  As I’ve rediscovered my itch for writing, I’m guessing the two things are related and certain things should be written about. But for now – Thank you Little Continue Reading →