And the Blossom Fell…

All day the cherry blossom has been slowly falling.   Falling and calling to me. Calling me back to 2 years ago when I stood in the back garden, in the shade of the bamboo and under a gentle shower of cherry blossom petals, and said Goodbye to Little Spark.

This is not a sad post – so please do not be sad.

I was called into the garden, pulled there.  All day I was thwarted in this mission… The eldest little one needed this that or the other, lunch needed preparing, daily house stuff to take care of, teatime, then bedtime. The few moments I did get to myself were times when the weather was decidedly a bit wet and rainy.

Bedtime happened and I managed to get outside to put something in the bin.  Because I was just going outside the back door, I went out barefoot. Bracing myself for the cold wet feeling of the concrete as my foot hit the floor, I was surprised by a slight warmth.

In between the showers, the sun had been out – as it had been the previous day – all day.  I placed the rubbish in the bin and stood for a moment.

Feeling the concrete beneath my feet, I took a moment to let myself feel grounded.  And then wanted to feel the feeling of grounding – walking on grass or soil, “natural” earth with bare feet.

I stepped onto the grass. It’s more than in need of its first mow of the year so the tops of the grass came up to my ankles.  Cold and wet.  But I kept walking. I walked down to near the bamboo.  I couldn’t stand in the exact spot I stood in 2 years ago as there’s now a swing situated there.  But I stood nearby, perfect actually, as I could look at that spot, and the bamboo from a different perspective. Looking back on it rather than trying to inhabit that spot again.  I didn’t want to relive that time, but to remember and honour.

Within seconds, a strong warmth came up through my feet into my body.  So warm.  The energy felt amazing.  I wished I could have stayed there longer.  I stood as long as I could. Remembering everything about the connection I had with that energy.  I feel I need to know more about her.

I feel I’ve been encouraged to think of that energy as “Sophia“, the missing feminine aspect of the Christian trilogy.  I don’t know.  I’ve read bits and pieces about that idea and it doesn’t really resonate with me.

For the first time last week I watched the whole of the film “Moana“.  I’d seen the first half, but not the ending.  So many things within it resonated.  I don’t want to spoil the film if you haven’t seen it, but quite frankly if you haven’t seen it please watch it!  But quite honestly when I saw how Te Fiti had been protrayed that just sent chimes all through my soul and being.  That feels so much more akin to the energy I experienced.  But that’s crazy right?  How or why would a Maui Goddess present herself to me, in the middle of Kirkby?

To quote Moana’s Grandma… “I’m the village crazy lady- that’s my job”!

“Remember who you are”.


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