Adulting win!

Now I know the title of this post could be misread, but give me a moment to explain.

For the past month I have been struggling.  Being poorly, having to decamp to my Parents house with the children, moving back home, and I’ve been stuck.  Can’t seem to get going in any direction, it’s all I have been able to do to get the kids dressed (most of the time), fed and watered, “outsided” (it’s now a verb…) and then into bed.  And then, I usually sit shellshocked and dazed on the sofa, fighting the urge to close my eyes and go to bed in an effort to reclaim some “Adult” time whilst the darlings are asleep.

But today feels slightly different.

Yesterday saw me back at the GP and I came away with a different set of antibiotics.  Day 2 now, and I feel like a little bit of energy has returned.

So, I’m putting it down to the antibiotics starting to kick in, AND also the Reiki sent by some good friends in the Reiki group I went to a while ago.  (THANK YOU!!!!)

Thursdays are intense.  We start off with getting up, dressed, breakfast (porridge no less) and we were out to take the eldest little one to Gymnastics which is about 25 minutes drive away.  I get then to sit and drink my coffee, and knit, or read… One of the very few bonus’s to the littlest little one recovering from chickenpox!  He stays at home, and I get some “time”!

Feeling rather proud of myself for tackling this yarn though…20170323_105646

It’s just so squishy… And soft.  And lilac… so it’s a “me” colour.

And it has the instructions on the back for a baby blanket… and there is a baby on the way for a friend…


Even though I don’t know if its a boy, or a girl, I thought I’d do it anyway.  Casting on was, interesting shall we say, but we got there.  No photo’s of this bit as I needed both hands to hold it without it escaping.

But… quite quickly it worked up into… 20170323_105652

Rather good!   I was quite impressed!

And then the children came out of the gymnastics session so it was put away and the Adulting time began again.

I realised I must be feeling a bit better, because I was able to talk to the eldest little one without snapping from the moment I got up.  Bless her, she’s just so inquisitive, and independent, and well – “her”!

Thursdays are a very demanding for her.  Gymanstics and then a couple of hours “doing” at home, and then out to Dance class.  By the time we get home around 5, she’s normally crackered and too tired to eat tea.  (But not too tired to argue about eating tea…).

So today we did things differently.  The youngest little one went for a nap, and the eldest little one had some outside time followed by a bit of TV time to relax.  Our main meal went on and we ate about 2:30.  I was pleased to see the eldest little one clear her plate with no arguing.  (Haha!! Mummy wins!!)

Off to Dance class, and more knitting time for me… And then I realised… I needed two of these packs of pom pom wool to make the blanket!  No!!!!  And nope, there’s not a chance of getting some more as it was an Aldi special!

Feeling rather dejected I put it away and waited for inspiration to strike.  Instead, the children reappeared from the dance class.

Off home and I muster a last hurrah of energy to get them bathed before bed.  Chucking some oats in the bath (in a sock thing) to help with the chickenpox spots, the little littlest one went in and had a mad old time – especially now he’s learnt how to splash!

The eldest little one – refused.


I think Thursday evenings are just “refusal” times for her.  No matter what we want her to do the answer will be “No”.

“I’m scared”   Of what?????  Never been scared of baths before now, infact trying to get her out of the bath has been a task in itself.

“There’s a spider in the bath”.  No… there’s a little brother in the bath – and besides which I’ve just cleaned it…  No spiders.

“I want to go to bed”.  Now the default get out clause for anything she doesn’t want to do….

So, daughter into pj’s and went to have supper.  Then played games with Daddy whilst I put the littlest little one to bed.

Daughter 1.  Mummy 1.

But tomorrow morning… it *IS* bathtime!

There’s no real point to this post – so thank you for reading if you’ve got this far!  I just had the urge to write. So I did.  Getting back into the habit if you like.

We’re starting the Home Educating journey with the eldest little one this year, well – now really.  I’d like to get into the habit of documenting what we do, and our adventures on that journey.  And that means writing!

TTFN.  🙂



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